One of my favorite TV shows of all time, V, is making a comeback. [Link] It may not have had the best special effects (or even acting), but the idea of the show - aliens using subterfuge and cunning instead of just blowing crap up - was wonderfully different. V may have cost a heck of a lot less than Independance Day, but the story was far more interesting. (And I'm still waiting for someone to explain to me how Jeff Goldblum got his Mac to talk to the Alien's computer network.)

One thing I don't quite get is the Nazi comparison. The show's creator (or writer, not sure) has said that the Visitors were analogous to Nazis. It's easy enough to see how their logo is simular to the swastika, but nothing else seems to really sync up. If the Visitors are the Nazis and the humans are the Jews, then why do the Visitors try to befriend us? From what I know, the Nazis never pretended to like the Jews at any time.

Of course, I'm probably thinking about this way too much. Either way - I'm really looking forward to seeing this new edition. If you have not yet watched the old V movies (there were two movies and a TV series), I highly suggest renting them when you get the chance.