This has been passed around Twitter quite a bit but I wanted to make sure knew the latest news about MAX.

The biggest news is that if you can't make MAX, you can still participate online at The keynotes will be streamed live as well as the "top 3" sessions from the day. (Top by what measure? Who knows. I say we Thunderdome it.) Also, when MAX ends, you will be able to watch any of the sessions (but not the labs).

Secondly, Liz Frederick of Adobe is running a cool giveaway for MAX attendees. If you contribute to the new Adobe Cookbook while attending MAX, you can enter your name to win one of several Think Geek Star Wars prizes. Then you can win it and give it to me. Yeah. That's the ticket!

Also - depending on the room in my suitcase I may be able to bring a CFWACK8 or two. First dibs on it to any geek who dresses up in Leia Slave gear.