Another week, another update. Let's just dive right in...

  • A while back, I had to modify the editor to handle code blocks in both BlueDragon and CFMX. NewAtlanta provided me with a new regex that works the exact same in both versions. This makes the editor a bit cleaner. I also found a bug with an empty code block.
  • A while back, someone reported an issue with running N BlogCFC installs on one box. Normally you are supposed to use one ORG folder, one CFC, and separate entries in the ini file. Sometimes though that isn't possible. For example, you may be on an ISP. Or you may want to run different versions of the blog. In order to make this easier, the blog application name is now partially dynamic. I base the blog application name on the path now. Oh, and I found out that CFMX has a 64 character limit on the application name. This didn't throw an error until I pushed the changes to this blog. Now I take the right side of the path name. Not 100% perfect, but should take care of most folks.
  • Ping! You can now ping multiple URLs on blog entry creation. Just use the pingurls entry in the ini file to specify which URLs to hit.
  • So... I like the ColdFusion Roles-Based Security system. But the darn thing has bit me in the rear so many times I'm very close to dropping it. One example - you have no built-in function to determine if a user is logged in. Sure you can set a flag inside cflogin, but come on - CF knows I ran cfloginuser, so why not also provide a flag? I used to use a UDF that simply detected id getAuthUser() was an empty string. This is what I did for almost all of my applications. However, this will fail when using web server authentication. getAuthUser() checks the value of cgi.auth_user so you get hosed. I may start removing role-based security from my applications in the future. It is supposed to be hassle-free, but it hasn't been. See my previous posts on the various security issues, etc. At the same time, it is relatively new to ColdFusion, so I guess I'll give it some time.
  • Oh - I had a minor bug in the RSS generation that affected the datetime strings for half the planet. Um, sorry about that. Just call me an ego-centric American. ;)