So I know everyone is waiting anxiously to find out when my luggage will actually arrive. For those who don't know the full story, when I arrived here in D.C. on Tuesday my luggage did not arrive with me. I was told that, most likely, it would be on the next flight out from Atlanta and I would have it that night.

Then I found out the bag was in New York and would be here Wednesday morning.

Then the bag went into the twilight zone. No one knew where it was. The Delta baggage folks had trouble caling Atlanta for some reason. But in general, it was never in New York, and as far as Delta knew, it wasn't anywhere.

I just got off the phone and it appears that not only was my bag found, it's here, and will be delivered between 9 and 1PM. For the hell of it, I asked where the bag had been, but of course they had no idea. And to be honest, I'll believe it when I see it - but the long process may now be over.

For those at CFUNITED, I have 2 copies of CFWACK to give away. One will be given away at my next session. The other will be given away to the first person (at CFUNITED) who can tell me the name of my favorite movie. (And it's not Star Wars.) I'll give a clue - it's a remake and stars Tom Cruise (and no, it's not War of the Worlds, which may be a good film, but I haven't seen it yet).

Lastly - a BIG thank you to Damon Gentry. He gave me a ride to a local store last night so I could pick up some essentials. Thanks!