Well, it is about time to show didn't suck. Last night wasn't "Heroes" level great, but darn tootin it was pretty good. First and foremost - how can you not love that line (and I may not get it exactly right):

How was I supposed to know they would have a sonic weapon fence?

Classic John Locke, and with next week being all about him, I am pretty darn excited to see it. Now some notes:

  1. The List. The list was mentioned in season 1 as a tally of people from the plane that the Others wanted for... something. We haven't heard much of it since then. We did get to see the people taken a few weeks ago but frankly, learned next to nothing. (Except that they were still alive and unharmed.)

It is obvious that the Others are way past being True Believer's in Hanso's cause. We know they are willing to die for it, and shoot, Russian Dude actually thanked Locke for pushing him through the fence.

But outside of saving the world - they also seem to think that some people are better than others. That seems a bit sinister and contrary to their supposedly being the "good" guys.

  1. The Fence. Anyone remember Running Man and the break out in the beginning? That fence was only harmful to people wearing collars. Did anyone else wonder if perhaps the fence would be harmless to non-Others? I mean - wouldn't there be dead animals and the like around the fense?

  2. Claire and Jack are brothers. I think people have been predicting this for a while. It just reinforces the fact that everyone is connected. One thing that has interested me for a while is: What is the greater "Magic" going on here? I mean - everything else can be explained away. The Smoke Monster could be mechanical. The ghosts could be psychic projections. The Island could have healing properties. I'm fine with all that. But there is something greater that applies to the world at large. Look at how the Numbers helped Hurly win the lotto, and how could people connected so far in the past all end up in one plane?

Anyway, all in all, a darn good episode and my hopes are high for the rest of the season.