Skipping labels in a ColdFusion Chart

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Earlier this week I blogged about an issue with ColdFusion charting and scaling to decimal points. While working on the solution, I did a small tweak to the x-axis to the turn the labels vertical. Why? Look what happens when there isn't enough room for the x-axis labels:

Things get scrunchy and random labels are dropped. Changing them to a vertical orientation helps, but what if you don't want vertical labels?

I discovered another option - oddly placed (odd to me anyway) in the "Group" section of the x-axis area in the cart editor:

Skip labels does pretty much what is says - skips labels. Setting it to 1 means it will skip every other label. So using the same data we did from the previous blog entry, I modified the style xml like so:

<xAxis> <labelFormat pattern="#,##0.###"/> <parseFormat pattern="#,##0.###"/> <groupStyle skipLabels="1"/> </xAxis>

This results in:

Which I think is a nice alternative. Here is the vertical version for comparison:

Anyway, I hope this helps someone.

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