Lots of changes here, so here we go:

  • The Archives pod now contain category specific RSS links. In the past, the RSS link would automatically change to a category specific link if you were viewing a category. However, this wasn't obvious. This change makes it a heck of a lot more obvious. Thanks to Sean Corfield for the idea.
  • In the same area, the main RSS link no longer changes. If you want a category-specific RSS link, use the Archives pod. We also used to do a RSS feed for one item... which seems a bit silly. That's all gone now.
  • You can now subscribe to a blog. You will get an email for every entry. In the next "point" update, I'll modify the stats page to list the number of folks subscribed, and make it so that if you are logged in, you see a nice list. The default layout.cfm file includes this pod.
  • The properties text file was updated with a few new strings.
  • The unsubscribe file will allow you to unsubscribe from both a blog entry or the blog as a whole.
  • You can now disable comments per entry. Frankly, I think that defeats the whole purpose of a blog. Free speech forever! However - sometimes it can be useful if you have a purely informational post (My blog will be down...) or if a blog thread goes off the deep end.
  • blog.cfc has been updated to support all the crap above.
  • Small bug fixes for the MORE tag, thanks to Matthew Eash for finding the issue.

As always, if you find a bug, it's your fault. Seriously - either post here, or use the support forums. If you love this update, remember my wish list. Also, there will soon be a "proper" BlogCFC homepage. Charlie suggested that and it makes sense.

Edited: You can NOT just copy over files for this update. You must do database updates. See the install scripts for details.