If you haven't guessed it yet, I'm all about the Model-Glue. If I wasn't married, I'd ask Model-Glue to marry me. We would settle down in a small, ranch style house in the mid-west. I'd gladly stay at home so Model-Glue could go out into the work place, quickly and efficiently helping ColdFusion developers create better applications. Alas, it is a forbidden love...

As much as I love Model-Glue, one thing that bugs me is large XML config files. I've worked on a few sites now where the ModelGlue.xml files gets to be so huge, it's hard to navigate. That's why I've created MGDoc, a CFC that will parse your ModelGlue.xml file and create documentation from it.

This documentation is heavily based on the documentation you get with CFCs. So, um, Adobe, don't sue me, ok? I love Photoshop! By default the documentation is generated in HTML, but you can use PDF and Flash Paper as well. (For the Flash Paper I cribbed some code from Jared Rypka-Hauer's excellent cfcToPrinter UDF.) For an example in PDF, here is the config file from the ColdFusion Cookbook:


The code is not quite done yet. It is missing a few of the optional things you can supply to views and broadcasts. But - play with it - and let me know. I think the text is a bit big in PDF format, but in general, I think the layout is nice. (Although again I can't take credit for the table styles.)