So I know everyone wants to hear about what went wrong on my trip - but outside of arriving 4 hours late, my flight back went rather smoothly. I even got to see Casino Royale on the flight to Houston. (Although watching TV on a 6 inch screen sucks after being used to my monster TV at home.)

NYC was amazing. I haven't been there since about 99 (back for the Spectra tour) and I had totally forgotten how huge NYC is. It makes pretty much every other city I've been too recently look tiny. I hung out with a good friend, and when I told him I was worried we wouldn't be able to eat at 9 he laughed at me. I guess I'm just a small town kind of thinker. ;)

CFUNITED/Express was nicely done. It was small - but had a good set of people and there was a lot of back and forth with the speakers. Quite a bit actually - this group wasn't holding back anything. Best of all - if you paid for CFUNITED/Express you get a discount equal to the cost off of CFUNITED, so a pretty fair deal if you ask me.