The title pretty much says it all. For some time now, you used slc to work with LoopBack apps. slc came from StrongLoop and did quite a few other things on top of working with LoopBack apps, but now that we recommend folks make use of LoopBack and API Connect, having a CLI focused on just LoopBack is a big plus.

To install, simply run:

npm install -g loopback-cli

This will give you the lb command, which is ONE CHARACTER LESS THAN SLC! (Ok, maybe I'm a bit too excited about that. ;)

You can than either use lb -l to list all available commands or use lb -h for a more traditional help display. lb by itself will kick off the process to scaffold a new LoopBack application.

Boring Screen Shot

For the most part, everything is just the same in terms of how you work with LoopBack apps, but now you've got a CLI focused on just LoopBack work, which I think is a great thing. If video's are your thing, here's a video of me demonstrating the CLI in action:

Want to know more? You can read the official announcement blog post for more about IBM's commitment to LoopBack. You can also follow the GitHub repo for the CLI to add suggestions or report bugs. Enjoy!