I noticed that DevCon... err, sorry, MAX, has added a new feature, the MAX Awards. These awards will "highlight innovative, results-driven experiences built with Macromedia technology." This is a pretty cool idea, but the categories seem to be missing one important aspect - community. As far as I can see, there is no category that specifically recognizes web sites (or other net resources) that specifically target/aid/etc. the Macromedia customer. A good example of what I would consider a nonimee is the House Of Fusion mailing listservs. I'd probably also consider CFLib, but I am a bit biased towards it. ;)

Anyway, that aside, I'm very curious to see who the winners are this year, and hopefully these awards will continue (and expand) over the years. One more note... is it just me or does the name MAX seem very "early-Net"-ish. It reminds me of that habit some folks had of spelling everything in lowercase. Oh well, I'm a coder and known next to nothing about marketing.