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Last night I released ScopeCache on RIAForge. This isn't new code. It's the caching custom tag I've had for a few years now. Charlie Arehart mentioned to me that it wasn't possible to find the code anymore (outside of BlogCFC), so now I have a place for folks to find it.

I also did some small updates to it, including giving it the ability to cache in the request scope.

For folks who don't know what this tag is, it's a basic way to quickly add caching to a page. So imagine the following slow code:

<cfset sleep(9000)> Done sleeping.

I can cache the result of this code (the output) by adding the custom tag:

<cf_scopecache scope="application" name="mycodeisntslow" timeout="3600"> <cfset sleep(9000)> Done sleeping. </cf_scopecache>

Pretty simple, right? There are more options of course. See the documentation in the tag itself.

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