After many years in the web development business, I've decided it's time to move on. Why? Because I think life as a World of Warcraft gold farmer will be much more lucrative and fufilling. I mean just look at the facts:

  • In all my life as a web developer, I've not gained one level. After a month of WoW, I'm level 30 (half way to 31)
  • How many murlocs do you get to kill when working on web pages?
  • In web development, I have to deal with difficult clients ("Can you move this 5 pixels left? Now 2 pixels right"). In WoW I just kill my problems.
  • ColdFusion may be rapid, but nothing is as quick as a few warrior skills (shouting and cleaving) and a good mace.
  • And lastly - it's not like World of Warcraft is addictive. I can stop playing any time I want to. Really.
So that's it. No more silly "Ask a Jedi". Now it's "Ask a Warrior." No more presentations on Spry or ColdFusion Ajax support. Now I'll present on how quickly I rose through my first 20 levels. If you want personal support, just meet me on Alexstrasza. I'm Romana, the hot warrior night elf!