One of the most fun parts of going to cfObjective is hanging out with my game-playing friends. While there I got to play three new games (and quite a few hands of Epic Spell Wars in which I never lost - honest!). Here they are (and yes, these are affiliate links so if you click to buy, I get a few pennies):

King of Tokyo involves giant monsters and Tokyo. Do I need to say more? I was a rabbit in a giant robot... of a rabbit. All in all probably the simplest of the games I played at cfObjective. As an FYI, this is by Richard Garfield, who created Magic the Gathering.

Fluxx is pretty interesting. As you play the game, the core rules can change with each hand, including how to win. There are many variations of the game (we played a Monty Python one). This was fun, if a bit confusing at times.

Shadow Hunters was the most unique of the new games I played. At a high level, the basic idea is that each player's character is one of three types, a Shadow (baddie), a Hunter (goodie), or Neutral (um, yeah, neutral). No one knows who is what and every character has slightly different rules on how they can win. I ended up as a werewolf who won the game with a final blow that took out all the rest of the players... with a machine gun. Yeah, it was cool. (Well, to me anyway. ;)