Friday Puzzler: The Days of The Week

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Here is a little puzzler that I think will be fun, and hopefully much simpler than my last one. For today's puzzler, you must use ColdFusion to create a function that returns the day of the week (numerical) for a date. I know what you're thinking - doesn't ColdFusion have that built in? It does. But your task is to recreate it. I have absolutely no guidelines for how you recreate it - except that you can't - obviously - use the same logic that someone else does. While the winner of these things are pretty much always picked arbitrarily, today's is going to be even more crazy. I want to see the most weird, stupid, insane, etc, ways to solve this problem. Go crazy. The only restriction is that you have to run your code via a test harness to ensure it works right. I've written one for you. It allows you to pass in your UDF and it confirms it works for a large sample of dates.

<cffunction name="testHarness"> <cfargument name="myfunc" required="true"> <cfset var dates = []> <cfset var x = ""> <cfset var result = {}>

&lt;!--- first make the dates ---&gt;
&lt;cfloop index="x" from="1" to="100"&gt;
	&lt;cfset arrayAppend(dates, dateAdd("d", randRange(-1000,1000), now()))&gt;

&lt;cfloop index="x" from="1" to="#arrayLen(dates)#"&gt;
	&lt;cfif dayOfWeek(dates[x]) neq myfunc(dates[x])&gt;
		&lt;cfset result.status = "fail"&gt;
		&lt;cfset result.message = "Your function said the DOW for #dateformat(dates[x])# was #myfunc(dates[x])# and it should be #dayofweek(dates[x])#"&gt;
		&lt;cfreturn result&gt;

&lt;cfset result.status = "pass"&gt;
&lt;cfreturn result&gt;


And as an example, check this one. It will fail - eventually.

<cfscript> function mycheatfunc(d) { if(dayofweek(d) == 7) return 8; return dayofweek(d); } </cfscript>

<cfset res = testHarness(mycheatfunc)> <cfdump var="#res#" label="The Result">

Unfortunately, I don't have anything to give away today - except the pride of being called King Nerd. So get cracking!

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