The second beta of BlogCFC5 is now released. Changes include:

  • Optional CAPTCHA for comment submissions. Thanks to the Lyla project.
  • RSS category feeds now show a category name.
  • More CSS cleanup.
  • Keyword filter in the entries admin. This helps with blogs with lots of entries.
  • Calendar uses SES urls.
  • Steven Erat wrote some code to auto-link URLs in comments. Not only does it auto-link, it will also crop the length of the URL.
  • More random, various small changes and fixed.

So I've made a decision. I'm going to hold off on XML-RPC till a post 5.0 release. The reason is that I really want to release BlogCFC 5. There is one more feature I want to get in and that is Postgres support. Brian Ghidineli had written some code for an earlier version so I bugged him to see if he could potentially update it for v5. (Cuz I do that. Ask my contributors for v5. I bugged he heck out of em. That's gratitude for you. ;)

So, all in all, I expect/hope to release by the next weekend. Note that I'm not running b2 here yet. I'll add that later in the weekend.

You can download the beta here:

As with last time, please do not post bug reports here. Use the BlogCFC 5 dev forum. I also recommend reading the BlogCFC blog for the very latest updates.