So I normally post my BlogCFC related stuff to it's own blog, but I'm just too darn excited about this release to keep it there. I'll be posting this entry there as well so folks who subscribe to both - please forgive me. This is a huge release of the blogware and has some awesome new features that I'm extremely proud of. Of course - there were all submitted by the community of BlogCFC Users so thanks go to them. So what's new?

First off, Dave Ferguson contributed a mobile version of BlogCFC. You can see it now it you hit my blog with a mobile device. It makes use of the jqTouch framework and I think it works pretty darn nice.

Next, Jason Delmore updated the look of the admin. While the functionality isn't changed (except for some usability tweaks Jason added on the settings page), it just looks a heck of a lot nicer and gives the blog a newer feel I think.

Speaking of Jason, he also updated the email templates BlogCFC sends out to subscribers. It uses HTML now and includes the gravatar pictures. I currently use Gist for GMail and it's amazing how much a picture (shoot, even a generic picture) adds to an email.

Lastly - Rob Brooks-Bilson took a stab at updating some of the "Monster" CFC that is at the core of BlogCFC. He helped clean it up and added a new pod as well.

You can can screen shots of this now over at RIAForge and can download the bits now. Enjoy!

(Oh, and I've got plans for 5.9.8 already!)