Model-Glue Tip - Marking an event private

Here is a little something I tend to forget that Model-Glue supports. If you mark an event as private, it cannot be accessed via the URL. So consider:

<event-handler name="revealA51"> <broadcasts> <message name="getSecrets" /> </broadcasts> <views> <include name="body" template="page.a51doesntexist.cfm" /> </views> </event-handler>

To load this event via the URL, you would simple go to a URL like so:

However, you can block this by simply adding access="private" to the XML:

<event-handler name="revealA51" access="private"> <broadcasts> <message name="getSecrets" /> </broadcasts> <views> <include name="body" template="page.a51doesntexist.cfm" /> </views> </event-handler>
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