I'm Home!

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After seven days of sun and fun, I'm finally back in Louisiana, just in time for Denis. I returned to a home that was in perfect shape, but my Dell desktop was blue screened. It continued to blue screen until I called support, at which point the machine acted perfectly. (You can almost imagine a typical PC as a 4 year old child, acting up while the parents are away, and then turning into an angel once they return.) I'm currently so sunburnt my new color is full on #ff0000, and not my normal pale peach. (Yes, I did use sun screen, really... well.... mostly.)

Lastly - while I was at CFUNITED, I received two Amazon gift purchases. One I know who it was from - the other I have no idea. (My wife didn't keep the box.) So, for the person who sent me the book, thank you very much.

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