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Just a quick note. I've mentioned that I'm in the process of migrating the blog to a new platform (Wordpress). As part of that migration, I've went ahead and switched to Disqus. I'm still working on my export script (I'll share that when done) and since it will take up to 24 hours for the data to migrate (when I actually get the migration script even done!) I thought I'd take the plunge and enable it now.

However - that leaves me with having to display both the "old" comments (all 50,000+ of them) along with Disqus. I've done that now. Basically I just added the embed and removed the "Add Comment" form. I also put a little note so it was (hopefully) a bit obvious as to what in the heck was happening.

I know some folks aren't a fan of Disqus, but, going forward, this helps me make the blog a bit more migratable. (That's not a word and my editor is going to fuss at me. ;)

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Comment 1 by Dan Vega posted on 11/21/2014 at 3:19 AM

I really want to do the same! Thanks for sharing these scripts, I might be making a trip to your wish list when I am done moving. That is if you still have a wish list :)

Comment 2 (In reply to #1) by Raymond Camden posted on 11/21/2014 at 3:22 AM

Of course I do - linked there on the right. ;) The reason I'm doing this is because the Disqus import is "entry" based. By that I mean the XML packet represents a blog entry (or article, whatever) with a list of comments. So I was concerned about doing my XML generation today and having new shit coming in over the weekend, etc. So basically I've made the current data 'read only' so I can generate my XML files. And I'll definitely share it.

Comment 3 (In reply to #2) by Dan Vega posted on 11/21/2014 at 3:25 AM

Really appreciate it Ray. So are you using a hosted version of Wordpress? I have never done any PHP work and not sure I want to start now. My goal is to just get everything off of my current blog so I can start fresh. Also I have a VPS that I really don't want to pay for anymore.

Comment 4 (In reply to #3) by Raymond Camden posted on 11/21/2014 at 3:27 AM

I'm going to host my own on a Google Cloud Compute doohicky. My buddy Greg Wilson is head of evangelism for Google Cloud and is helping me out.

Comment 5 (In reply to #4) by Dan Vega posted on 11/21/2014 at 3:29 AM

Awesome. Well I know you will blog about it so I am looking forward to reading about it :D

Comment 6 by S. W. posted on 11/21/2014 at 5:59 AM

Cool :-)

I ended up writing conversion scripts as well when I flipped my site from using Mango Blog's built in system to Disqus. But didn't have quite so many comments to go through @_@ :)

Are you having to write a converter for your blog entries, or were you able to find a pre-made one that can do it?

Comment 7 (In reply to #6) by Raymond Camden posted on 11/21/2014 at 11:18 AM

I found a BlogCFC to WP code project and it is working well. I forget who did it but when I do get to that point I'll share that code too (I had to make some small changes there too). For WP - I'm mostly happy with things but I'm being super cautious. I was pretty confident about *this* change. The WP one is a bit more scary.

Comment 8 by Raymond Camden posted on 11/21/2014 at 12:35 PM

Update - two issues.

a) For some reasons, my imported comments on my very first blog post don't show up. If *none* of my imports didn't work I'd understand. I've pinged support.

b) I screwed up times on my imports. :( So - I regenerated the XML, imported, but they don't show the right times. (They don't show times on old comments anyway, but the *order* is definitely wrong.) So again, I pinged support to ask about how replaced comments should work.

Comment 9 by Dan Vega posted on 11/21/2014 at 7:35 PM

One more question Ray. Moving to WordPress you didn't really need to move your comments to Disqus so I am curious as to why you did that? Pros/Cons?

Comment 10 (In reply to #9) by Raymond Camden posted on 11/21/2014 at 7:39 PM

Good question. The script I'm using (and again, I didn't write it, just mod it) handled comments ok. But a) I like disqus and b) I'm trying to offload as much as possible to make things simpler. Also, I would need a plugin to handle comment subscriptions. Now - WordPress makes plugins hella easy, but I want to keep things as simple as possible with this install if that makes sense.

In general, going forward, any new site I have will use Disqus.

Comment 11 (In reply to #10) by Dan Vega posted on 11/21/2014 at 7:42 PM

Makes total sense. I like the idea of keeping things simple. Plus if you ever decide to move off of WP to one of these other platforms my guess is they will support Disqus. Thanks!

Comment 12 by bshot posted on 1/23/2015 at 10:12 PM

what is going to happen to the .cfm demo examples?

Comment 13 (In reply to #12) by Raymond Camden posted on 1/23/2015 at 10:16 PM

They will no longer work. You can download my samples of course and run them locally.