I got in a few hours ago at the Frameworks Conference and I'm already seeing a lot of old friends. I did however have yet another crazy trip.

First - while waiting in Lafayette, a poor father had to take care of a 3 to 4 year old kid who was going off the deep end screaming for his mother. The screaming certainly didn't bug me - I've been there before - but it bugged the heck out of me that TSA thought it was necessary to give this guy such an intense search.

Oh - and they padded down the child as well. Great.

I got to DC a bit late (mechanical issues delayed us leaving Atlanta, but hey, I'd rather have them find it at the gate than thirty thousand feet), and discovered that my suitcase had not arrived. Again. I go and report my bag, and luckily, it was actually right outside the lost luggage. Apparently my bag had arrived before I do.

One last thing. Let's all agree to a new rule. Unless the row behind you is empty, you are not allowed to put your seat back. I don't care if you are tired. Your comfort is my pain. I mean - is there seriously people out there who don't know that when they put their chair back it goes into the knees of the guy behind them?