I'm assuming most people who care have already watched this online, but I'm sharing it anyway. Today the teaser for the next Star Wars film launched and it is incredible. I know a lot of folks hated the prequels and will remind me that the first teaser for them was pretty exciting as well. I don't care. The prequels were not as cool as I had hoped, but frankly, I didn't mind. I enjoyed them. Not as much as the original series, which by the way, also had its groan-worthy moments, but I had a heck of a lot of fun just watching them. I'm thrilled by what I see here. The Stormtroopers, in particular, look to be bad ass. One of the best parts of the Prequels was seeing the Clone Troopers as an effective fighting force. I'd like to see them kicking butt again in this new series, especially if we get to see the Empire in the Rebellion's role from the classic series. Much smaller, much leaner, etc. Any way, enjoy.