As frequent visitors of this blog know, I've been developing, and sharing, this blog for a while now. At the suggestion of a wise friend, I have decided to move the development of this project to SourceForge. There will be two resources I'm primarily interested in using:

a) The CVS support. You will be able to sync up new releases using CVS.

b) A listserv. More on that later.

The reason for this move is so that I don't bore people here with minor blog updates. I also have a lot of big plans for the 3.0 release, and frankly, I want my users' opinions.

So, with that in mind, if you like using this blog (and I'm speaking specifically to those of you who use the software, I don't mean those who just read the blog), please help make the 3.0 release the best yet. Please sign up for the listserv. I will be posting a proposed featurelist/changelist sometime this weekend.