Do not forget that my Macrochat, Validating Input Parameters, will be held later today. Here is the description I wrote for the user group folks:

Join Team Macromedia member Raymond Camden for a presentation on validating input parameters. This super-exciting sounding presentation will cover what is, essentially, a very simple topic - ensuring the values your web application expects to receive are actually valid (things like URL parameters, form parameters, etc.) However many web sites rarely do validate such parameters and can easily be made to throw errors with a bit of manipulation.

Just to be clear, this Macrochat is for the ColdFusion newbie, although the stuff I'm pointing out happens to experienced users as well. I always worry about people being bored, so, if you think you are a good developer already, you can probably skip this one. If you can't make it, the presentation will be recorded. I'll also be posting the Powerpoint and code files later today.