I arrived back from cfObjective late last night(*) and I have to say that I was extremely impressed by it. Here are a few thoughts in no particular order.

Facility: The hotel was amazing. Not cheap (although the rooms were well priced), but really, really good. In fact the room was probably the best room I've had at a hotel. The bed certainly was. The food served was amazing and the conference provided both breakfast and lunch. The hotel was just the right size too. I could get from the presentations to my hotel room in what seemed like 60 seconds.

Topics: The topics were great. No 'intro' level material at all, as far as I can see. Well, the things that were 'into', like the first Transfer class, were still aimed at more experienced developers. Every session I attended was well presented. I really felt like I learned quite a bit (and I'll bring up Transfer again because it just looks so darn cool).

The conference was very busy. The first day I was there I was busy from 8 till 9 that night. I can easily recommend this conference to people for next year. One person I ate lunch with said that this was easily going to be his only conference next year.

One small complaint. Because they didn't take registrations for classes, they ended up with classes in locations that were too small. So you would be sitting - comfortable - waiting for the presentation to start - and then be kicked out into a bigger room. Where you would them scramble to find a seat. That really bugged me. I'm sure it will be fixed next year, and frankly, the quality of the content far outweighs this complaint. (I just bring it up so Jared knows to not let it happen next year. ;)

  • So - I bet you want to know. What went wrong on my way home? Well, nothing - flight wise. But, I had left my car keys in the front of my suit case. When the suit case came out, the pocket was unzipped and my keys gone. I know it was dumb to put it there - but - lesson learned I guess.