If by some miracle you are in southern Louisiana tomorrow - I will be presenting at TechSouth tomorrow morning. I believe the conference is free to those who pre-register, but as the conference started today it may be too late.

I will be doing a very "lite" presentation on ColdFusion since I think most folks in the audience will not be the 'dev' type, but more managerial. (With my luck I'll have a group of hard code PHP users. ;) I should probably stop using "managerial" in a slightly negative way now that I'm a manager... but I guess old topics die hard.

For those of you who are in the south - I am hoping to have a ColdFusion class setup. I'm working with someone now to see if we can get it off the ground. (And the delay is my fault since I haven't told them a good time frame yet.) Would anyone out there be willing to drive/fly to Lafayette for a 2 day weekend class on ColdFusion?