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Hey, did you see my post about the reader survey? Guess what - the form was all built on the fly using a new project I released today, QuickPoll CFC. "Project" may be too strong of a word - it's really just a nice CFC. Think of it like a "lite" version of Soundings.

QuickPoll CFC lets you rapidly deploy a simple survery. How rapid? The following code is shows how my reader survey was done:

<cfset poll = createObject("component", "quickpoll")>

<cfset poll.setThankYouMessage("Thanks for taking the time to respond to my survey. I'll be sharing the results in a week or two once I've collected the data.")> <cfset poll.setMailResults("")> <cfset poll.setPollName("Initial Test")> <cfset resultsFile = expandPath("./results.csv")> <cfset poll.setFileResults(resultsFile)>

<cfset poll.addQuestion("text", false, "What is your name? (Optional)")> <cfset poll.addQuestion("text", false, "What is your email address? (Optional)")> <cfset poll.addQuestion("multichoicesingle", true, "I visit your blog", "Multiple times a day,Once a day,Few times a week,Once a week,Very rarely")> <cfset poll.addQuestion("multichoicesingle", true, "In general, your articles are", "Interesting and useful to my job@Interesting, but not very useful to my job@Not very interesting", "@")> <cfset poll.addQuestion("multichoicesingle", true, "The design of this blog", "Is fine@Is great, but not terribly important to me@Isn't great, but doesn't impact my reading@Is bad, and detracts from my reading", "@")> <cfset poll.addQuestion("multichoicesingle", true, "Compared to other ColdFusion blogs, I find this blog", "Very Useful@Somewhat Useful@Useful@Not very useful@A complete waste of time", "@")> <cfset poll.addQuestion("textarea", false, "What does my blog need more articles on?")> <cfset poll.addQuestion("textarea", false, "What does my blog need less articles on?")> <cfset poll.addQuestion("textarea", false, "The thing I like best about your blog is")> <cfset poll.addQuestion("textarea", false, "The thing I like least about your blog is")> <cfset poll.addQuestion("textarea", false, "Any last comments?")>

The CFC allows you to generate results in email or a CSV file (or both). Enjoy.

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