I've been a fan of the Wolfenstein series for quite some time, and when I say "quite some time", I'm talking a long time. I remember playing the original Wolfenstein, back before it got fancy with 3D:

Because of my long history with the game, I was really looking forward to trying the latest incarnation, and especially interested in seeing how a FPS performed on the PS4. I was not disappointed.

Graphically and gameplay wise, the game is fun as hell. It has great balance, with only a few areas being out of sync difficulty wise with the others, and I found myself going to Google only for the very last boss battle. (And frankly, if I had just freaking looked up, it would have been pretty obvious what I needed to do.) The play is a bit similar to Gears of War in terms of making wise use of cover, and there is a stealth element present as well. But like Dishonored, it is somewhat optional. If you feel like being stealthy you can be, but if you want to run in guns blazing, that's an option as well. Even though I stuck to a few main guns, the variety available and the upgrades made the selection fun. I'm still not quite sure how they got a rocket launcher on an assault rifle, but I'm perfectly fine just accepting that.

The story is what really sold me though. I am a huge Alt-History fan, and while "The Nazis won" is kind of a trite example of the genre, in the game it works very well, especially mixed in with the sci-fi elements. As you play you come across various newspaper clippings and other items that give you a look at the history of the game and I made sure to read each and every one.

Probably the only negative I can think of is that there is no multiplayer, but honestly, I don't do much multiplayer nowadays anyway so it doesn't bother me much. It is good to see a game focused on single player for once! The game lasted about twenty hours for me, which is a good long time, and there is actually a valid reason to replay the entire game (more than just - "find all the hidden crap"). I won't say why as it is somewhat of a spoiler, but I've already started my second play through.

Sound good? Buy it via the link below and I get like a dollar or so that I'll put to my next video game.