Over the past few days I've noticed something very odd. My pages, at times, will load the header, the right nav, but not the body. Sometimes for up to 30 seconds. In Firefox I see a status message saying that it is trying to hit the google ad server.

I emailed the AdSense tech support yesterday and got a pretty quick response. Their tech has said they can't see the issue - but obviously if they are in network I don't think they would.

I know other people are seeing this as well. Would you mind blogging if you do, along with your browser and connection speed. This is mostly to just help me prove to Google that it is a real issue.

I'd like to blame the new design, but I know I didn't see this for the past month or so.

p.s. Yes, I know I could just remove the ads and if I have to - I guess I will - but that would mean a serious loss of money for the site.