It's been a busy few weeks. I just got back from Boston on Friday and have been trying to catch up since then. So here are a few random (non ColdFusion, web dev, computer, etc) notes...

  • VH1 Classic has a show called The Alternative... although it is hard as heck to find any info on the official web site. It plays on Sundays 10AM-Noon. It reminds me of 120 Minutes on MTV except much better. The last show I saw included clips from Lush (awesome female fronted band - saw their show in St. Louis years ago), Siouxsie (ditto - saw her in Baton Rouge or NO back in college) and other classics. On a related note - it is a sad day when only the "sub" channels for MTV/VH1 actually play music. Oh well.
  • My coworker shared this - the boxes for the SW DVD trilogy. -drool- Ok, I've blogged about this too many times now. I can't help it. I'd buy this trilogy on papyrus if I could.
  • The new Grand Theft Auto includes eating - and if you eat too much your character gets fat. Great. Wonder if they support the Atkins diet?
  • In other game news, the sequel to Neverwinter Nights was announced, and it is being done by the same studio doing KOTOR 2. Both KOTOR and NWN are outright the best RPGs ever, even better than Final Fantasy.