Ask a Jedi: CFQueryParam and MaxLength

Brian had an interesting question about the cfqueryparam tag:

Question about the cfqueryparam maxlength attribute. I understand that it is (psuedo-)required for string types, but is it used for numerics, integers, or dates? Or does ColdFusion ignore it for non-string datatypes?

For those who aren't familiar with cfqueryparam, stop everything and go straight to the docs for it. The maxlength attribute is typically used for a string. So for example, if you were inserting a name and the size of the column in the database was 50, your tag could look like so:

<cfqueryparam cfsqltype="cf_sql_varchar" value="" maxlength="50">

So while this makes sense, what does maxlength do for non-string based column types? Believe it or not, it still gets checked. For example, if you try to pass a number, 999, and the maxlength is 2, ColdFusion will throw an error since the string length (3) is greater than 2.

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