My XBox has gone to that great game graveyard in the sky...

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So, yesterday I asked about the new XBox 360. My old XBox must have heard that, and in a fit of jealousy committed suicide. Last night I went to play X-Men Legends (which, by the way, rocks, especially if you are a Diablo fan), and the game kept freezing. I thought at first it was a bad disk, but noticed the machine was acting weird without any disc in it. Whenever I tried to browse the HD, the machine would stutter and generally move slowly. I was able to copy some games off (except for the games where the bastard creators refused to let you back them up), but eventually the machine just stopped responding. I got various errors at various times, but as of this morning, the machine is running so slow I can't even browse the menu. It definitely feels like a bad hard drive, although I don't hear any kind of clicking or other abnormal behaviour. Of course, the XBox is below my Cox DVR which also has a drive, so it is a bit hard to tell.

So yes - I know I can open it up, hook it up to my PC and check disk it, but I'm really a hardware noob. Also - my current PC only has SATA drives, with no IDE controller. I have an external drive bay for my media drive, which I could extract, but again, being a hardware chicken, I try not to touch that stuff when I don't have to.


I guess I'll have to pick up a new one. If I do, then I will try to crack open the old one. It would be sad if all it needs is a simple checkdisk operation to fix it.

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