Yesterday we released a new update to Edge Reflow, our responsive design tool part of the Creative Cloud. I've spoken about Edge Reflow before. For me - it was the tool that really let me "get" responsive design. Being able to see the design change in real time and the CSS properties associated with those designs just made sense to me whereas before I had a hard time wrapping my head around it. If you haven't yet checked it out, now is a perfect time. You can try it for free, and of course, if you are a CC member it is included in your collection.

One of the biggest changes in the new preview is an updated getting started experience. When you first run Reflow, you now get a starter project with some good examples and tips on how to work with it.

As a developer, this design tool can be a intimidating at first until you get used to it, so having this initial project I think will be very helpful.

Speaking of getting started, we also launched a whole new set of videos by Paul Trani. You can view them here. These videos are also available for free so you can take a visual tour of the product before you download.

Other updates include:

Form Elements: You can now add form elements to your designs, including text boxes, radio/checkboxes, text areas, and dropdowns.

Layout Insertion Help: A new layout insertion caret makes it a bit easier to see where things will land when you move them.

Links and States: Reflow now includes the ability to add links as well as hover/focus states to UI items.

Group Updates: Finally, grouping has been improved with better UI. For example, it is easier now to see what it is in a group and modify group items.

Asset Panel: The asset panel now lets you both search and filter.

For the release notes, see this forums doc and check out this nice high level feature list for Reflow in general.