Greetings from Tuscaloosa where I'm about two hours or so away from seeing my eldest walk across the stage and get his diploma at the University of Alabama. Today's kind of a big deal. I noticed, however, I've been a bit remiss in sharing these link posts the last few weeks so I'm taking a few minutes to do so now. Enjoy!

New Array Method - Group #

Here's something you don't hear often - a cool new web API only available in Safari. But something tells me that won't last as it's pretty darn useful. David Walsh has an excellent article on the JavaScript Array Group method and how it can be used to, well, group, arrays of objects. While it's not something you'll use all the time, I feel like pretty much everything I do in JavaScript involves arrays, so the more powerful they get, the better it is for developers. He post covers both group and groupToMap methods and you can find more at MDN:

Transcribing Voice to Text with Summarization and More #

This is an incredibly detailed tutorial by Thomas Frank covering a workflow that transcribes voice notes, summarizes them with ChatGPT, and posts to Notion. His tutorial has both intensive written instructions as well as a great video. Even better, he uses one of my favorite services, Pipedream, as well. Check it out here: How to Take Perfect Notes with Your Voice Using ChatGPT and Notion

2023 State of Web Components #

Last but not least is a detailed look at the current state of web components by EisenbergEffect, which I assume is not his real name, but that's all I can find. As the title implies, this gives an overview of the multiple aspects of the APIs that make up web components and their current status in the web platform. Here's the link, but note that it may need to login to Medium to access, and I got a warning I was near the end of free articles. Good luck: 2023 State of Web Components