Intermediate Contest Winner!

The Intermediate ColdFusion Contest is now over. We had 11 great entries. I want to thank everyone who submitted code. I know it was scary for you. But these entries were very helpful. Not only did you show people how to solve a problem, but your mistakes were useful in educating others. Thank you again. I also want to thank all my readers who commented - and did so in a respectful way. Ok, so enough with the that, let's just get to the winner(s).

First off - I have 2 prizes to give away to the runner ups. Adobe was very generous and gave me a copy of Studio to give away. I'm giving this to Tony Weeg for his entry. This had my favorite design, so I figure Studio was a good award.

The next prize is for Scott Johnson and his entry, which I thought was an awesome use of Flash Forms. His prize was provided by TeraTech. It is a 50% off ticket to CFUnited 06.

Last but not least - the grand prize - a copy of ColdFusion Standard (Thank you again Adobe!) is given to Behrang Noroozinia. His entry did a good job at validation, and I really liked his history management. To be honest, this is just a personal feeling, but his entry pleased me the most. I know folks are going to disagree with me, which is fine, but as I said, the main point of this contest was for us to all learn, which I think we did.

So - that's all for now. Start the critiquing of my decision below. Once again I want to give big thanks to everyone who participated, and to Macr... Adobe and TeraTech!

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