Adobe Connect failure on the Mac - apologies to the Connecticut UG

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So - if you tried to attend my presentation tonight, you saw it was a complete and utter failure. Whenever Connect opened, all I saw was a blank white screen. I connected to my PC via RDP, went to the meeting, and confirmed it was working fine there, but no go on the Mac. I did a reboot and it didn't help. Finally one of the members suggested I load Connect in the browser with ?launcher=false.

Finally - I saw some UI. I was about to begin my presentation when I noticed that I didn't have the Presenter plugin. I've run Connect meetings all year long, but ok, whatever. I clicked. The app reloaded. No go. I tried in FF and Safari, and nothing seemed to change.

I'm very frustrated now - and of course more than a bit sorry that the Connecticut group didn't get to hear my presentation. Connect has been flakey on my Mac before - but mainly just random crashes 2-3 times an hour. I've never had a total failure like this before.

Can anyone offer any advice? I believe I still have a room open to me on one my accounts (oh, and while I'm complaining, has anyone else noticed it's hard to find the URL to the admin portion of Connect?) so I have a place where I can try.

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