This weeks episode focused on the Koreans, which is always a favorite of mine (I'm a bit biased). We finally found that Sun did indeed cheat on her husband. As far as I remember it was always implied, but tonight's episode made it clear.

Sun's father discovers the infidelity and asks Jun to murder the man Sun is cheating with. He doesn't tell him the real reason why - just asks Jun to kill him.

Jun is unable to go through with it though. In the end it doesn't matter - the man throws himself off his hotel balcony and falls to his death.

Back in the present, Sayid, Sun and Jun are piloting the sailboat around trying to trap the Others. However - the Others get them instead. Sun barely escapes the boat in time. (But not before shooting one of the Others - big surprise there.)

Sawyer and Freckles (I always forget her name) are forced to do manual labor, breaking up and moving stones. I couldn't see any real reason why for it - but Others are seen nearby looking at plans I think. Therefore I don't think it was simple make work, I think there was a purpose. Sawyer starts a fight to try to flesh out the skills of the Others. Some are trained, some are not. Sawyer says the blond woman (I forget her name, but she was the first Other we saw in the last episode) would have had no problems shooting Freckles, and that I believe. While I still think she may break away from the Others - she is definitely "hard" like Ben.

Speaking of Ben - he tries to make friendly with Jack back at the prison. Ben says the exact date and says he can get Jack home, as long as he helps. When Jack asks exactly what Ben would want, he doesn't say. To prove to Jack that he knows what is going on in the real world - Ben shows him video tape of the world series. Oh - and we also learn that Ben grew up on the island.

Next weeks show looks much better - we finally get an episode with Locke and Eco and I think the Monster.