So once again, my summary post is late due to a very full day at MAX, oh and that 20 pounds of meat last night at Espetus didn't help either.

Yesterdays keynote was definitely the high point of the conference. Not only did we get to see ColdFusion proudly displayed, we also learned about the new IDE (Bolt FTW) and frankly I thought the other developer and designer demos were impressive as well. I did an interview w/ O'Reilly and one of the points I made is that if Adobe can get me excited about Photoshop, they must be doing something right.

The ColdFusion Unconference continues to be a hit I think. Yesterday we had Douglas Knudsen, Jason Delmore, Kristen Schoefield, Nathan Mische (who fixed an old issue with ColdFire that troubled me for quite some time!), Charlie Arehart, Terrance Ryan (ask him about the dinosaur picture) and Mark Phillips as speakers. I want to thank them again for taking time to speak here and they all did a great job. (Maybe I'm biased, but I think all the cool kids are hanging out here. ;) Today we have another great lineup of speakers and I finally have my first "real" MAX presentation at 9:30.

The special event last night was... interesting. The museums were pretty cool, but I didn't stay too long as I was exhausted from the day (and again, the 20 pounds of meat I had eaten).