First off, sorry for the short amount of blogging this week. I've got some personal matters tomorrow so I've been working hard all week to take most of tomorrow off, and I've got jury duty coming up on Monday which is putting me in a slight panic mode as well. As an independent contractor, jury duty is going to be pretty tough if I can't get out of it. I did do a few small updates this week to my open source projects. (And by "I" I mean reviewed and uploaded, which is the way good projects should work, right? :)

BlogCFC and Canvas both had minor updates specifically to help with Oracle issues. Thanks go to Nick Hill since I'd rather shove nails through my eyes than test on Oracle.

pdfUtils had a few updates related to getExtraInfo function. One update included supported for showing page orientation. Sexy stuff, eh? Thanks go to Reto Aeberli for submitting multiple fixes/updates in this area.