As I've said a few times now (and sorry regular readers, I'm probably repeating this too often), I plan on sharing more short-form blog posts of stuff that I also share on Twitter. Yesterday I shared a few good links in a thread and I thought it would be a perfect kind of thing to share here with my subscribers. As always, I'd love your feedback, both good and bad, if you like this kind of content!

The first link I'll share involves one of my favorite services, Pipedream, and another I'm becoming a huge fan of, Algolia. In this post, Dylan Piece of Pipedream shares how to automate Algolia site crawling: Trigger an Algolia Crawler to reindex on Github Repository Releases

As an FYI, I covered Algolia site indexing a few days ago: Working with Algolia's Crawler

For the second link, here's a good article that compares Fetch and Axios. I've known about Axios for a long time but have generally preferred using Fetch. This article by Meticulous gives a good overview of the differences: Axios vs Fetch for beginners.

And lastly, I pointed out Alpine.js. Alpine.js is a lightweight JavaScript library that reminds me a lot of Vue 2, specifically in terms of its usefulness in progressive enhancement. Alpine won't be your go-to library for building large SPAs, but for just enhancing your JavaScript development in general it looks really appealing. I've done some playing with it and I'm very excited about it. You can expect some blog posts on it soon.

Photo by JJ Ying on Unsplash