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I've finished two good books recently so I thought I'd give them a quick review. A few months ago I raved about China MiƩville and his book, Perdido Street Station. I recently finished The Scar, which isn't a sequel per se, but does link a bit to the other novel. This book was amazing. Not as strong as Perdido Street Station, but darn close. I strongly recommend folks pick up either book. I'm currently reading King Rat, which has started out quite well. (This book does not take place in the same world as Perdido Street Station.)

I'm a big fan of alternative history, and rather enjoyed Weapons of Choice. The premise is that a naval force from the future (2020 I think) gets sent back to World War 2. The book is pretty entertaining, although it did tend to focus a bit too much on the weapons, like a typical Clancy book. I like weapons of destruction as much as the next guy, but I wanted more drama from the story. Still though - it was loads better than the last Turtledove book I read.

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Comment 1 by Michael White posted on 2/6/2006 at 8:18 PM

OK Ray, have you read any Gene Wolfe? If you have or know anybody that has you have probably hear raves about his 5-volume "Book of the New Sun" starting with Shadow of the Torturer (no this is not your pointy haired boss's influence). This was a seminal work in the SF genre and I believe one of the finest SF works ever... well now Gene has done it again with a two-volume series called "Wizard Knight" in which Gene conquers the world of Faerie. This book has between its cover a world of such color and magic, you wouldn't believe... truly a golden book. (Of course if you read and hated Book of the New Sun then you'd probably hate this book too.)

Comment 2 by Raymond Camden posted on 2/6/2006 at 9:13 PM

I actually have both of the Wizard books. I've read the first one. To be honest... I wasn't too happy with the book. It was definitely _unique_, and I'll give it props for that, but I just wasn't terribly happy with it, and I'm in no big rush to read part 2. (Although I will - to see how things turn out.)