I am a big fan of Gran Turismo 3. In the realm of realistic race driving games - it is simply the best you can get. (For non-realistic driving, I highly suggest Burnout 3.) One of the things that always bugged me, however, is the lack of crash damage. You can drive a car straight into a wall, at top speed, and not have a scratch on the fender.

The reason behind this, apparently, is that car manufacturers don't want to see their cars damaged.

So let me get this straight. BMW is seriously worried that someone may drive thier car (virtually of course) into a wall - see the damage - and decide to take their business elsewhere? To... you know... that company that sells cars that never get damaged.

As a friend said - it's like a boxing game where no one gets hurt.

Yeah.... that makes sense. I was up in the air between GT4 and Forza Motorsport - now I'm definitely going for Forza. (Although I will probably get GT for the PSP when it comes out.)