-sigh- Do we really have to go through this again? Do computer journalists actually - you know - work with computers? Mary Brandel of Computerword posted this interesting article:

The top 10 dead (or dying) computer skills

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I'll quote from the ColdFusion section:

This once-popular Web programming language -- released in the mid-1990s by Allaire Corp. (which was later purchased by Macromedia Inc., which itself was acquired by Adobe Systems Inc.) -- has since been superseded by other development platforms, including Microsoft Corp.'s Active Server Pages and .Net, as well as Java, Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP and other open-source languages.

This is so wrong it makes my head hurt. I mean - I can see how people may prefer PHP over my beloved CF. But to say these languages have superseded them shows that she knows nothing about what the language actually supports.

Anyway - guys - time to rally the troops and reply. There is a comment form for the article and folks are already stepping up to defend CF. Remember - we are not fanboys (and girls). Be polite. Be logical. But let your voice be heard.