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I've been hinting at this the last few days but was waiting to fix a few kinks before "officially" releasing it. If you are a jQuery user (and who isn't, eh? ;) then you may want to bookmark/subscribe/etc to jQueryBloggers, a new implementation of my ColdFusionBloggers code based focused on jQuery blogs. Right now the feed list is a bit short. I almost doubled the count with help from Brian Swartzfager this morning, but I'm truly surprised how hard it is to find active jQuery blogs. Even more surprising is that I had to skip a few blogs that did not have a category specific RSS feed. Considering how easy it is to set that up, I'm surprised more blogging engines don't support it.

Anyway - for now - enjoy. Don't forget you can register and get a daily email of all entries, top entries, or even monitor particular keywords, so if you were specifically interested in mobile and jQuery, just monitor the "mobile" keyword.

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