I had planned to release this over the weekend, but yesterday I got submerged into grinding levels on Octopath Traveler and the day just got away from me. I'm also a bit behind - I try to share these twice a month and it's already December 12th. As a child, I could remember adults warning me time would speed up as I got older. I didn't quite believe them. Now I know better. Sigh. Alright, let's get started.

Dear Console #

First up is a lovely little project by Christian Heilmann called "Dear Console". This project collects a set of really useful tips for working with your browser console. As an example:

"Dear Console, give me a table of contents of the document indented by heading level"


All of the tips are really useful, and as I said, it's a "lovely" site, a rare example of a decenter-centric site that just looks really well designed:

Screen shot from above tip

He's got 17 tips so far and is open to your contributions if you have something to share.

I'm a stat junkie, so when I heard about GitHub Trends, I had to check it out. By giving it permission to access your GitHub information, it provides awesome charts showing what you've accomplished over the year. It provides three main things. Either two simple "cards" showing your language and repository contributions, for example, here's mine for languages:

My most used languages

The second report is a high level "report" dashboard. You can share this with others. Here's mine: https://www.githubtrends.io/wrapped/cfjedimaster

Apparently I added eleven thousand lines of code this year and deleted two thousand.

Hues and Cues #

I've shared a few games on these posts, and it's time for another one. We'ved played Hues and Cues (affiliate link) many times now and it's really fun. The premise is simple. Given a color, describe it in one word with the goal of leading other players to figure out what color you're talking about. Sounds simple enough, but look at this board - it's evil!

Hues and Cues Board

I struggle enough matching my clothing, this game is really difficult for me, but still a heck of a lot of fun. While my link above is to Amazon, we actually found this at our local Target, which surprisingly has a really good board game selection.

That's it for today, and have a great rest of your week!