10 weeks (or so) ago I started the ColdFusion Biggest Losers Club. The idea was to simply see how much weight we could lose over a 10 week period. While participation went up and down, there was a good core set of folks who stuck it out through the end (I'd say through thick and thin, but that's too obvious). The CFBL is now officially over, and here are the final stats.

First off, for week 10 alone:

Week 10 weight total: 3,248
Week 10 weight average: 232.00
Week 10 lowest: 180
Week 10 highest: 383
People this week: 12
Biggest Loser (Pounds): Curt Gratz (5 lbs)
Biggest Loser (%): Curt Gratz ( 2.59 %)
Total Weight Lost: 23

For the entire 10 week period, our biggest loser percentage wise was:

Chris Peterson at 15.66 percent.

He was also the biggest loser weight wise at 39 pounds. He wins the WACK (and the Nike Chip that one of my readers offered). Chris, congratulations, and I'll be in touch next week when I'm back home. (If you know what's good for you, you will send me a friendly reminder.)

Personally, I did great. I wanted to hit 210, and made it to 211, so I'm not going to complain. I feel about a hundred times better now then I did this time last year when I was 255, and I'm sure I'll hit 200 soon. I especially love the feeling of pants now. I know that may sound silly - but having to worry about tightening my belt is much better than worrying about popping a button!