A few days ago a reader asked me if there was a way to mimic the "fixNewLine" attribute in ColdFusion script. I thought he meant addNewLine, the feature that handles adding a new line character for you when you write text to a file. Turns out this is a feature I've never even heard of. From the docs:

fixNewLine: yes: changes embedded line-ending characters in string variables to operating-system specific line endings.

no: does not change embedded line-ending characters in string variables.

I checked and there is not a way to do this via fileWrite or FileWriteLine. I whipped up the following little function that should have the same behavior.

function fixNewLine(s) {
	var isWindows = server.os.name contains "windows";
	// http://stackoverflow.com/a/6374360/52160
	if(isWindows) {
		return rereplace(s, "\r\n|\n|\r","#chr(13)##chr(10)#", "all");
	} else {
		return rereplace(s, "\r\n|\n|\r","#chr(10)#", "all");

The code is based on a StackOverflow answer (I credited the link in the code) and just does a simple regex on the string based on the operating system. You could also modify this to force a style instead of sniffing the OS.

Any thoughts on this? I did some basic testing and it seems to work OK. If folks like this I'll put it up on CFLib.