Holy. Crap. Ok, so I'm hooked again. I can't remember the last time I about broke my remote hitting pause and play to try to grab a screen shot. This episode was absolutely amazing. I won't do a normal review of all the events but just talk about the high points.

First and foremost - I believe others on this blog have mentioned that perhaps a third group was involved. Now we have proof. Ben was responsible (along with this other group) for massacring the Dharma Initiative. These "natives" apparently didn't care for the Dharma folks - but I wonder why? As far as we can see, the Dharma folks are a bunch of hippie scientists. In the past we had seen them kill people whey they needed to, but now we know that those acts were commited by the Natives (I vote we call them that).

The whole encounter in the hut with Jacob. Part of me didn't like it. It felt a like a basic horror flick. But - it was kinda cool. This brings up the whole whispers thing. I don't think we've had the whispers since season one. Are the Natives some kind of psychic power? Spirits?

Who is Jacob? Ghost of a Dharma employee? A spirit from the Island? Why would Ben be able to talk to him and need to ask Locke what he heard? Or is Ben crazy - knows he is crazy - and thinks Locke really heard something?

Anyone think the mass killing is the "Incident" referred to in the video from season 2? But the scientist there in the video was a Dharma guy, so that wouldn't make sense. Unless Dharma sent more folks in later on.

Who here thinks Juliette is really helping out? I maybe believe it. Her reactions to Ben make sense now if she realizes Ben is crazy. Oh, and when Jack said he was thinking about what to do, and that was his excuse for not saying anything, I felt like screaming.

I'm kinda getting the feeling that Dharma went to the Island because they knew something was a bit special there. But the Island is far more powerful, and dangerous, then they expected. At this point, maybe Dharma is not even close to being involved anymore, and what we have is basically a super freaky Island (ok, not the best name) as the main protagonist?