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So about a week or so ago I discovered thePeoplesToolbox - a cool site built to aggregate listings of tools for various languages. A darn good idea I say.

I contacted the owners of the site to get them to add ColdFusion, but, apparently they had never heard of it, and I'm having a bit of trouble convincing them that a) lots of people use ColdFusion and b) that it is indeed worth adding to their site.

Folks - help me out here - and help ColdFusion. Please contact the site (POLITELY!!) using the email address on the About page. I'll stress it again - be polite. Just share what you know about the numbers of developers, organizations, etc, using ColdFusion. This is their main concern about adding CF - they want to see some numbers around the number of developers.

Why am I doing this? Every time I see a site that lists programming languages and leaves off ColdFusion turns me into Super Evangelist. I never want to see a list of languages that doesn't include ColdFusion!

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