I've been a bit lax in mentioning this, but I was invited to, and accepted a speaking slot at RIA Unleashed in Boston this fall. I'll be speaking on ColdFusion 9's CFaaS feature (ColdFusion as a Service). Early bird registration is a whopping 30 dollars - less than a bar tab typically - so you have no reason not to attend, right?

Now for the Playstation part. I've been an XBox fanboy for a while now and my PS2 has gathered more dust than my floppies. If you plan on registering and mention my name in the "Other Information" field, I get a chance to win the PS3 Slim! Not that I have any idea what I'd play on it but I'd love to buy Star Wars again in BluRay one day.

Update: I apologize folks - I was wrong on the early bird prices. It is now 50 dollars, which is still pretty darn cheap! You can get in for 40 dollars if you go with a group of 3 or more. Because I never stopped teasing Brian about his project names, he shared a secret code with me that will get you 10 dollars off the 50 dollar ticket: CFJEDI. Do not tell anyone else though - that's between you and I.

p.s. Also note that EventBrite has been having issues. If you can't register, please try again later.